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The seminar is taking a break and will resume on Tuesday 26th January 2021.

Tuesday 26th January 4.30 pm UK time
Claudia Scheimbauer (TU Munich)

The AKSZ construction as a fully extended topological field theory

Classical Poincaré-Lefschetz duality is a starting point of understanding what an orientation on a derived stack given by a homotopy type of a cobordism M is. If furthermore we have an (n-)symplectic “target’’ X, we obtain a (shifted) symplectic on Map(M,X) which is given by pulling back along an evaluation and then integrating. This explains the Atiyah-Bott symplectic form on G-local systems, arising from the Killing form on the Lie algebra of a reductive group G, via  derived symplectic geometry in the sense of Pantev-Toen-Vaquié-Vezzosi. In this talk I will sketch these ideas and explain how this leads to a fully extended oriented topological field theory with values in a suitable higher category of Lagrangians, explaining the difficulties with coherence in defining such a functor. In essence, the difficulty with coherence stems from integration of differential forms not being functorial for cobordisms on the nose, but only up to homotopy. In mathematical physics, this TFT is a reinterpretation/analog of the classical AKSZ construction for certain $\sigma$-models and describes “semi-classical TFTs”. This is joint work with Damien Calaque and Rune Haugseng and fully extends a construction by the former.

Tuesday 2nd February 4.30 pm UK time
Ivan Cherednik (University of North Carolina)
Tuesday 9th February 4.30 pm UK time
Andrew Schopieray (PIMS)
Tuesday 16th February 4.30 pm UK time
Bin Gui (Rutgers)
Tuesday 23rd February 11.00 am UK time
Mayuko Yamashita (RIMS Kyoto)
Tuesday 2nd March 4.30 pm UK time
Nilanjana Datta (DAMTP Cambridge)
Tuesday 9th March 4.30 pm UK time
Reinhard Werner (Leibniz Universität, Hannover)
Tuesday 16th March 4.30 pm UK time
Emily Riehl (Johns Hopkins) 
Tuesday 23rd March 4.30 pm UK time
Zhengwei Liu (Tsinghua University, Beijing) 
Easter break
Tuesday 20th April 11.00 am UK time
Yoshiko Ogata (Tokyo U)

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